Jeevan Ayurveda, a company founded in 2006, offers skincare products for professional use for men, women and children. We use botanical ingredients to create products of exceptional quality. Our formulae are based on the ancient Ayurvedic tradition.

We also offer Training Programmes for professionals in which we teach ancient massage techniques to restore balance to the body, mind and soul.

Our Philosophy is to share our passion for Ayurveda.

Our Commitments are:

  • Jeevan.  In Hindi, Jeevan means Life. All our beauty products are plant based, as these are brimming with the intelligence that constitutes life. Living cosmetics to nourish life.
  • Ayurveda  Our formulae, based on Ayurveda, stimulate skin health achieving visible results. Each Ayurvedic skin type requires different care.
  • All-natural  Our products are free of artificial colourings and synthetic fragrances, with no animal products of any kind nor any mineral oil, free of parabens and all petroleum derivatives, and thus, silicone free.
  • Pure We craft our products on the very slopes of the Himalayas. The water used in the creation of our products is water from the top of the world. Our creams, clays and gels hold all the energy of the beautiful essence of water.
  • Respect  As all our formulae are age-old formulas based on tradition and not merely laboratory inventions, we only test on human volunteers, ensuring an animal cruelty-free process throughout all stages: neither in the sourcing of ingredients, nor in the creation of the products, nor during testing.
  • >Knowledge  Long years of research and experience are combined in order to allow us to share our knowledge with our customers. We will continue in our efforts to develop and share the beauty of the Science of Life.
  • Gratitude  We wish to thank all our distributors, partners, friends, suppliers and most especially, our customers, for placing their trust in us. We also wish to express our appreciation for Ayurveda, for the incalculable value of its knowledge . And to Life for giving us the opportunity to live out our vocation.