We inspire your present!

The objective of Jeevan Ayurveda is to transmit and bring the herbal knowledge and techniques of authentic and traditional Ayurveda, adapting them to our time and our society.

The search for BEAUTY is our purpose. And beauty is the reflection of health, balance and well-being. That is why our courses offer training on multiple aspects and therapies that help human beings live in harmony and according to the rhythms of nature: massages, skin care, nutrition, herbology …

Our courses have been carefully designed so that attendees incorporate Ayurveda into their personal and professional practice, thereby helping to enhance the natural power of healing and radiance that exists in every human being.

Since 2007 we have been training in Ayurveda, and with great satisfaction we can affirm that the best and largest disseminators of the school are the participants themselves in our courses.

Jeevan Ayurveda Courses