Cosmetic Sobriety

Cosmetic Sobriety

Sobriety is to focus on the essential, it is austerity, it is simplicity, it is to reject superfluous excesses. Sobriety is elegance, it is knowing your needs and it is, of course, naturalness.

Cosmetic sobriety is exactly the same, but focusing on the essential products for skin care. Why have a closet full of products whose ingredients are repeated and superimposed on each other? Why spend a lot of money on countless bottles whose utilities are repeated? If we stop to think about it, only a dozen products are strictly necessary to achieve an impeccable cleansing and care of the skin and hair.

How can we achieve this? In the same way that elegance in dressing requires that we know what our style is and what suits us and what does not; cosmetic sobriety requires a small effort on our part, an effort that in the long run will provide us with infinite gratifications.

The first essential requirement is to know our skin. If we do not know our skin we will never know what it needs.

A second step is to choose a high quality natural cosmetic brand that will help us in our purpose. Why natural? Because only that which comes from nature contains the intelligence of life and allows us to nourish life. Why high quality? Because without healthy and quality ingredients we will never be able to obtain healthy and glowing skin.

The third requirement is the most enriching and creative step of cosmetic austerity, it is to set up our own laboratory and make the most of our beauty kit; for this it is necessary to know the functions of each chosen product and its ingredients. Playing with our products to enhance the virtues of one or the other will allow us to create “delicacies” for our skin, in the same way that a good cook achieves it with high quality ingredients and his own knowledge. It is a matter of knowing how to awaken the wisdom of the “cook”, of knowing how to intuit what is going on inside her, and knowing how to recognize the soul of each product. And so, with only a dozen or so products, you can obtain more than twenty different products, with different uses and enhanced formulas.

Let’s focus on what’s important and eliminate the excesses. It is true, cosmetic austerity requires a certain discipline on our part, but let’s not forget that for every discipline there is a multiple reward.


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