Spring Ritucharya

Spring Ritucharya

Spring has arrived in the northern hemisphere.

And in spring, the Kapha dosha tends to aggravate. This means that imbalances of this dosha, generated in winter, appear in spring.

The first discomforts caused by Kapha imbalance are usually colds, colds, respiratory allergies, weight gain, increased fluid retention and a possible increase in cellulite.

Mental signs are dullness, mental inertia, depression and excessive attachment.

People who are more likely to develop these discomforts will be those whose constitution is predominantly Kapha dosha.

To help restore balance:
The key to balancing Kapha is stimulation and motivation: seek variety in life, new people and novel events.
Reduce consumption of sweets and salty foods.
Avoid dampness.
Exercise regularly.
Cleanse your body with Ubtans (plant powders that stimulate metabolism), and massage your body with oils to balance Kapha.
Get Kapha dosha balancing massages: Udvartana and Udgarshana. Do a daily self-massage with Body Cream Kapha.
Add fresh ginger to your meals. Use spices in cooking.
Drink herbal teas to balance Kapha dosha: Kapha-Moringa tea.

In spring, opt for a lighter, drier and less fatty diet than in other seasons. Reduce the consumption of dairy products (cheese, yoghurt, milk and ice cream) as they tend to increase Kapha.

And above all, enjoy one of the most beautiful seasons of the year!

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