Morning self-massage works because it calms the body’s two major systems: the nervous and the endocrine.
If we massage our body with a thin film of oil suitable for our constitution (Vata, for dry skin; Pitta, for sensitive skin; and Kapha, for oily skin), the skin is nourished, soft and in perfect balance.
In addition, a massage is a good way to start the morning relaxed, something that Ayurveda considers very important. People who approach the day as if it were a race against time have little chance of achieving balance.
If a full body massage takes more time than you can spare, at least massage the navel with a little oil, making expansive circles in a clockwise direction. From that expansive centre, the nourishment and massage will subtly reach the whole body.

If we massage our body at night, we will sleep better.

Choose the oil that best suits your constitution: Vata, Pitta or Kapha.

Massage your body starting with your feet. Rub the oil into your feet, also massaging between the toes. Massage with circular movements the joints and long movements on the long parts of the body. The abdomen is massaged with circular movements in a clockwise direction, with expansive circles starting from the navel. Gently rub under the ribs. Massage from the sternum to the shoulders. Gently massage the heart in a circular motion in a clockwise direction. Massage the shoulders in a circular motion, then rub the arms vertically, massage the elbows in a circular motion, rub the forearm vertically, rub the wrist in a circular motion, and then massage the hand from wrist to fingers, as if you were squeezing it. Massage the lumbar area: take the hands backwards, placing the backs of the hand on the lumbar area, with circular movements, rubbing the lower back.

Face: Spread the oil all over the face and neck. Make two horizontal strokes on the neck. From the chin, skirt the jawline. Massage the cheeks in a circular motion. With the index finger, massage the upper lip. Massage the forehead with horizontal movements. Finish the massage with circular movements on the third eye, always clockwise.



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