Summer Ritucharya

Summer Ritucharya

Welcome to summer!

Summer and early autumn is the warmest season, which means that the pitta dosha (fire and water) tends to increase during these months.

To maintain balance, Ayurveda advises especially people with a predominantly Pitta constitution:

Moderation: This is the key to balancing pitta – make sure you don’t make too many demands on yourself!

Coolness: Don’t get too hot. Drink cold water, not ice water (ice water is not recommended in Ayurveda because it suppresses agni or digestive fire).

Drink cold herbal teas, herbal teas for Pitta => Pitta Haridra tea JeevanAyurveda.

Do not eat too much. Bitter taste curbs appetite more than any other taste. Eating bitter leafy salads (rocket, endive, romaine lettuce, etc.) quenches the appetite.

Sweet, bitter and tart flavours are best at this time of year.

Massage your body with pitta oil two to three times a week, it will refresh your entire organism.

Use cold herbal cosmetics. Our Pitta range is formulated for this purpose.

Use Kumari Gel, a rasayana (rejuvenating gel) that reduces the aggravated fire element.

Temporarily replace your perfume with floral water and fresh herbs (without alcohol).

Enjoy nature: watch the dawn and the full moon.

Avoid violent or controversial films and books. These influences aggravate Pitta considerably as they ‘heat up’ the head.

And above all: enjoy this summer!

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